Who We Are

“Your partner for digital growth. We create digital solutions that engage and inspire.”

IXD Designs is a creative digital agency based in Maputo which provides high-end, affordable graphic design and digital marketing services to businesses that aim to expand their marketing efforts to reach their potential customers.

Every project we work on is designed and developed with passion in order to provide greater satisfaction to our customers, which is why we pride ourselves on everything we do.

Our mission is to build the reputation of companies, and align them with organizational goals and the target audience.

We treat each project as a commitment not between the company and its client, but between partners who wish to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

We work with all types of organisations from educational institutions, financial institutions, hotels & resorts - our broad range of clients from startups to enterprises enables us to specialise in not just one business area, but in business itself.

We provide creative digital solutions tailored to suit specific client requirements, by working hand-in-hand with them in order to understand their business challenges and provide the optimum solution for them.

Our core clients are from Mozambique but we are happy to work with clients from all over the globe. Wherever you are, we can help your company build better reputation.

Customers are heading to the digital world, let us connect your company with the digital life.

What we do

Identity Design

We design effective logos and visual identities that help build your company’s reputation, making it stand out from the competition and project your values to attract your ideal customer.


We develop secure, attractive, innovative and effective websites that work seamlessly across all devices to better represent your brand in the digital world.

Media Marketing

We place your company on the right digital platforms so that you can get in touch with people who may not know your brand and interact with your current customers.

“We believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. That is why passion is at the heart of our company: it is the energy that drives us to continuous improvement.”


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Please feel free to leave a message with any questions or inquiries, or call us on +258 847011909, we would be happy to answer you.